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Knowclue's Machinima Tips & Tricks

Lighting for a Machinima Production in Second Life


Knowclue's pick for MAC : Real Time Capture

iShowU (basic - what I use with Students)
IShowU HD (pro)
Stomp (codec converter)

Other Screen Capture Tools:

Screenflow - free trial, buy for $99
Snapz Pro X - rendering time is an issue because it occurs after you are done filming, file sizes are quite large

Dual Platform:
Jing (free) dual platform 5 min. capture limit
Jing (pro)


iShowU Settings - Some Clues:

The following settings are what my students & I have found to be the most efficient for the classroom. These settings have worked so well that I have started to use them as my default for capturing personal projects.


Presets: The "World of Warcraft" setting captures at a slightly slower rate (25 fpm) which is better for capturing animation. I find the footage looks a bit less choppy.

Compression: Setting the compression at H.264 makes the file sizes clear and managable. Determining a uniform capture size is critical, especially when working in a classroom setting.

Capture Size: We use a standard 4:3 aspect ratio in school and capture at 800 X 600. On the rare occasion that we depart from the 800 X 600 setting, we still make sure that the settings align with the 4:3 ratio. This will likely change as widescreen cameras become more common place. Whatever you decide works best for you, the bottom line is consistency.

Capture Guide: You can change the color of the capture guides by selecting the capture tab in the iShowU preference menu.


Storage: Check out other preference options, such as storage. We have all footage automatically saved to a local folder. Editing video rarely works well on network accounts. To avoide those issues, our students are in the habit of choosing and using the same computer the entire project.


Sound can be tricky - Make sure you always test that everything is working correctly before you do your capture. Additionally, iShowU requires a plugin that comes with program but needs to be installed before you can record. My experience has been that the system can be a little persnickety when exiting sound. If you are having issues, make sure to check your system preferences to make sure that audio is set correctly as well as the preferences for the virtual world or game you are recording.

Record system audio only when necessary - You really need to consider your goals for the final project before starting your project. Voice over work is always done best in post production. Just consider, if you don't require the background sound, don't record the system audio. Your files will be smaller and you will save the work of killing the sound in post production. Of course, if you are capturing interviews, conversations or presentations, that's a whole different set of issues. Please see camera controls and sound tips for more information.

I rarely add the microphone - Frankly, to date, my experiences have been unreliable using the "record microphone audio" in conjunction with the "record system audio". The sound quality can differ vastly between your voice and the voices you are recording. Using a USB headset seems to especially problematic. I'm sure this will improve in time, but my best suggestion is to test well in advance!

Basic with sound (make sure "Microphone Input" is set correctly to show device you are using)
Basic with sound (make sure "Microphone Input" is set correctly to show device you are using)

Basic with sound (make sure "Microphone Input" is set correctly to show device you are using)

Basic with sound (make sure "Microphone Input" is set correctly to show device you are using)

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