May 12, 2009

ISTE Speaker Series Event - Machinima: More than just a "Cool Tool"

A presentation by Knowclue Kidd (RL: Marianne Malmstrom)
Although there may be many ideas as to what constitutes 21st century skills, most people agree that creativity, communication, and collaboration top that list. Machinima encompasses all of these vital objectives as well as provides an engaging new vehicle to help students develop media literacy skills. Knowclue will share her journey and observations about creating machinima with both students and colleagues. Learn why she considers this mashup of video and 3D virtual worlds a transformative tool for creating the change we want to see in education.

This will be a voice event; please be sure that you have a working voice setup [ideally including a headset microphone] prior to arrival!

Location: ISTE Island Auditorium
Time: 5PM SLT/ 8PM EDT

Tutorial: How to play videos in Second Life

*Down load free QuickTime player here

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The Future of Multimedia in the Classroom

When adopting any new technology, we must ALWAYS ask ourselves:

  • Why are we using this technology?

  • What does it allow us to do better?

  • What does it allow us to do that we have never done before?

Machinima Builds 21C Skills & Literacies


  • Kids LOVE LOVE LOVE working with animation
  • More options for filming than with cameras, costumes & hallways
  • Planning & setting up shots, creating avatars & building sets


  • Documenting
Record: ISTE Speaker Series
Presentations: Anne Collier "Youth Safety on the Social Web"

Media Literacy

  • Literacy through deconstruction & construction
  • More tools to express complex ideas
  • Students more focused on the content when they are not in the shot
  • Easier to publish end results


  • Ramapo Island - across schools & across school bells
"The Vet" Digital Storytelling Project with Bernajean Porter
"No Future Left Behind"
  • Greek God Commercials - across grades & across school bells
  • ISTE Projects - across distance & across expertise (Teachers as 21st Century Learners)
"ISTE in Second Life"
ISTE Collaborative Machinima Project

Unexpected Discoveries

  • Assessment: New Model
"Razer's Crib"



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Atlantis Rising

Media/Visual Literacy

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New Media Literacies



Elisabeth Morrow School: ToMorrow Island

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